Manage errors with correlation ID

Safewhere*Identify supports a feature providing users the ability to report errors which happen on Identify*Runtime pages – and also support system administrators reviewing errors reported on Identify *Admin.

When an error happens on an Identify*Runtime page, the system will display an error page that includes a text box under the label “Your explanation”. This text box lets a user report more details regarding the error that he or she has just experienced. The user is required to insert a comment and correctly specify the CAPTCHA code in order to be able to send the error.


After clicking “Send error”, the system will send the user to a page that displays a Correlation ID (unique ID given to the reported error) as well as a date and time of when the error mail was sent to the administrator.


Note: This feature is included in the main error view and all plugin-specific malformed request views.

Users who have the SystemSetupAdmin role can view the received error reports in Identify *Admin under the Manage Errors sub tab (placed under the System Setup main tab). User can view the full details of a bug by clicking the Correlation ID link:


It is possible for system administrators to automatically be informed whenever an error report has been sent.

This is done by setting a tick in the “Send email with correlation” check box under the System Setup tab. When an error is then submitted, a notification email will be sent to the email address(es) specified in the “Contact email” field.

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