Improvements for Identify configurator version 4.3

  1. Automatically build a connection string for the SQL Server Server according to the selected database authentication when the session state mode is SQL Server
    1. If the selected database authentication mode is “Windows Authentication”, the SQL State Server connection string textbox will be disabled and its value is set to empty:
    2. If the selected database authentication mode is “SQL Server Authentication”: the connection string will look like “data source=WIN2K8R2MAIN\SQLEXPRESS;initial catalog=IdentifySessionState;Integrated Security=SSPI;”
  2. Auto selected SSL certificate according to the Identify domain name:
    1. Please note that the the “IIS setup” step that is displayed before the “Certificate” step has a setting for the domain name of a creating tenant.
    2. In the Certificat step, Configurator will look up for an SSL certificate that matches the domain name specified in the previous step. If it finds a matching certificate, it will select that certificate automatically for the SSL certificate setting.

  3. Configurator: self-generated certificates can be used for SHA256 signing:
    When creating a new tenant for testing, you can choose to generate a signing certificate as illustrated in the image below

    Since version 4.3, generated certificates’ CSP is “Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES Cryptographic Provider” which can be used for SHA256 signing.

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