Introduction about Identify from system requirements to fundamental concepts and business models.

Safewhere Identify 5.0 Release Notes

Safewhere Identify is a new kind of user identification and administration service, providing externalized and seamless authentication and authorization across organizations. Safewhere Identify allows an organization to handle user identification and administration centrally and externally to all web applications and […]

Logging in Identify

Introduction Safewhere*Identify supports extensive logging which is virtually sufficient for all the needs for monitoring, reporting, and debugging. To make the logging functionality even better, Identify 5.0 allows for controlling what log types should be enabled as well as log […]

Changes made to SAML 2.0 connections on 5.0

Remove the “Single sign on artifact resolution” setting We have retired the “Single sign on artifact resolution” setting and replaced it with the “Artifact Resolution Services” which can support multiple artifact resolution services: More details about this “Artifact resolution services” […]

A comprehensive changelog for Identify 5.0

General changes Certificate in database: Safewhere*Identify stores all public keys of all trusted parties in its own database instead of in Windows certificate store now. Drop support for SQL Session state. Multiple certificates for users: a user can have multiple […]

REST API – New feature of claim definition

We improved REST API for ClaimDefinition to support activation time. Please note that while the api schema supports an array of activation times, only the first one is used by Identify at the moment. Example: “activationTimes”: [    {      […]

Performance test runner

Identify-LoadTest-[3627]-[20160722] GUID: 6a2bfeeab2344e28869287e40654f20d Date BuildId Time Tenant Environment 20160722 3627 20:00 – 23:00 GT, Hyper-V, 4 CORES Performance setting: – Log target: Text File – System log level: Information – Log user requests to database store: off – Log […]

Identify configurator with Azure SQL

We’re happy to announce that we now can use Identify 5.0 with Azure SQL as a service. Just as installing Identify on-premise, Identify configurator will help do all the hard work for you on the Azure environment. However, due to […]

SAML 2.0 metadata for EHerkenning profile

SAML 2.0 metadata for EHerkenning profile When the SAML 2.0 profile is set to EHerkenning in System Setup, SAML 2.0 metadata obeys to EHerkenning specification as follow: There’s an EntitiesDescriptor element that contains one or more EntityDescriptor elements. The ID […]

New System setup settings to control content of SAML 2.0 metadata

Use one metadata When it is set to true, exported SAML 2.0 metadata file contains both an IDPSSODescriptor and a SPSSODescriptor elements. Its default value is False. Custom NameId formats This setting allows you to customize what NameId Formats should […]

Changes made to Identify*STS on 5.0

Update OIOIDWS endpoint to fully comply with OIO WS-Trust Profile v1.0.2 We have improved the OIOIDWS endpoint a bit to make sure it meets the OIO WS-Trust Profile v1.0.2 specification. All the “MUST” requirements are implemented, especially the Liberty binding […]