To ease the installation process of Safewhere*Identify, we offer both a System Installer and a Configurator. Fundamentally, both of them are Installers, but the System Installer just sets up the basic files, whereas the Configurator sets up the actual tenant installations.

Installing a federated environment is never simple. Some environments may have firewalls, security restrictions, unique certification requirements, and so forth. The amount of tweaking and fine-tuning needed to set up Safewhere*Identify may therefore be more complex than just running the Safewhere*Identify Installer and Safewhere*Identify Configurator. In this section you will find our detailed instruction for both Installer and Configurator.

Safewhere OneInstaller


Identify configurator 5.0

We have reworked Identify configurator to not only handle installation and rollback better but also make it easier to support new functionality. The first functionality we have added for Identify configurator 5.0 is the ability to backup databases. You can […]

LDAP-WS Configurator

The Web Service Configurator will help you set up one or more Web Services that can be used by ’s . Prerequisite The configurator can be launched from Start > Safewhere LdapWS > Safewhere LdapWS Configurator. Initially the configurator will […]

LDAP-WS Installer

When the installer is launched, it will perform a pre-installation check to see if previous version of Web Service exists. If a previous version exists, a message saying that “The prior version of Web Service will be uninstalled” will be […]

License & Security

License Please notice that the standard version of only provides 1 month trial license. If you have purchased a license from , you will receive a license file. This license file should be stored in the bin folder of each […]

Errors and solutions

There may be many reasons why an installation might fail especially when setting up in complex network. Some details can be found in the Configurator log files. These log files are, by default, located at the folder C:\IdentifyLogs\ Below are a […]


This article is going to help you setup the Configurator for Launching the configurator The Configurator can be launched from Start >Identify>Safewhere*Identify 5.0 Configurator in Windows Start Menu. Setup & Customize Prerequisite Initially the Configurator will check that you have all prerequisite […]


When the installer is launched, it will perform a pre-installation check to see if previous versions of exist. If a previous version exists, you need to remove it. Once the removal is complete, you can start to install   Accept […]

Claim app site

The app site is included with an Identify installation and is used for testing issuance by a federation server. Installation Instructions Open the web.config of the claimapp located at “C:\Program Files\Safewhere\Identify\TestApps”: Enter the federation server’s URL for the following key […]