Breadcrumb Menu

Some feature pages allow you to navigate through records and/or actions organized hierarchically. In order to ensure that you know where you are in this hierarchy, you will be presented with a “breadcrumb menu.”This is a trail of hyperlinks that make it possible for you to easily return to any page that you have earlier visited.

Breadcrumb menu

Any breadcrumb menu will always start with a “Home” hyperlink. Clicking this link will bring you to the main page of your currently selected module/feature. Next hyperlink will either show the form or action you are currently carrying out or – in case you are looking at the user module –the links thereafter will typically be the hierarchy of organizations that you have navigated through in order to find a specific user or organization. In the example above, the user has opened the User Administration Module and then navigated from the Root Organization through an organizational sub-level (France). The user could still navigate further down (you can see an additional department level Department 1), or he could choose to navigate to a higher-level organization by clicking on it in the breadcrumb menu.

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